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want to become a hire-able android developer?

You may have heard there’s a lot of money to be made coding for a living.
Not to mention the flexibility of working remotely, potentially working your own hours, getting paid to drink coffee & write code.. the dream. 😍

What you probably weren’t told when you started learning android app development however, whether via a professional qualification or self teaching online, is what you’re taught starting out only scratches the surface of the what you’re expected to know to do this for a living.  That’s where we come in.

Across a single weekend you’ll learn the skills companies are looking for when hiring an Android developer, taught by someone who’s been professionally building android apps for the past 7 years.  In short – in just 1 weekend, you’ll become a much more attractive candidate for hiring.

Scroll down to see exactly what you’ll learn.. 👇

What will You Learn?

Day 1

  • Networking on Android using Retrofit
  • Retrofit 101
  • Using OKHttp for your network calls
  • How to use interceptors
  • Making authenticated REST API calls​
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging 101
  • Basic implementation
  • Custom notification channels
  • Foreground vs Background handling
  • Using FCM to set app flags
  • Unit testing 101
  • Building your app for testability
  • Basic unit test
  • Mocking with Mockk + Mockito
  • Mocking server responses for offline testing
  • Kotlin 101
  • The benefits of Kotlin vs Java
  • Kotlin syntax
  • Object, Classes & Data classes explained
  • Making your Kotlin code Java compatible
  • Crash reporting with Crashlytics + Sentry
  • Building views with ConstraintLayout

Day 2

  • Learn the basics of RxJava2 + RxAndroid
  • The benefits of Rx
  • Schedulers 101
  • Networking wtih RxJava
  • Batching network calls using flatMap
  • Building a search bar using Rx Filters
  • Advanced Gradle techniques
  • Using BuildConfig
  • Building functions inside gradle
  • Auto app version incrementation
  • Using git as your changelog
  • How to use Gradle flavors
  • When & why to use flavors
  • Basics of Gradle flavors
  • Using a custom app icon & name per flavor
  • Sharing resources across flavors using sourceSets
  • Advanced Kotlin
  • Constructor overloading
  • Using let & apply in Standard.kt
  • Creating Kotlin extensions
  • Co-routines 101

How much DOEs it cost

Workshops are extremely limited to just 10 people per workshop to ensure you get the most personalized experience.

Day 1 only


  • Day 1 only

day 1 & day 2 - early bird


  • Full weekend

Day 1 & Day 2 - Standard


  • Full weekend

All above plans include 1 month email correspondence with your tutor.

20% discount available to students with a valid StudentBeans card.

When & Where?

Workshops run once a month across a whole weekend in Central London (venue varies).
  • Day 1 - Saturday, 9am - 4pm
  • Day 2 - Sunday, 10am - 4pm
Rob J

who's teaching me

Rob J has been building android apps since 2011 & has been a professional Android developer since 2013. He’s had multiple apps featured on BBC News, the Guardian, Lifehacker, the Next Web, Android Police multiple times, and has worked for all levels of companies from startups like Pitchero & Drest to corporate companies like Monitise Create & Charles Stanley Direct.

He wrote & designed this course himself based on his wide range of experience on what companies are currently looking for in an Android Developer & he will be running the course himself to ensures you get the best value possible.

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